Lines in the Sand

Last Time on Lines in the Sand...

After Escaping Seawatch, the players fled by ship to Beacon Point, the “Last Holdfast of the Free People”. There they met the Witch Queen of the Elves who said the following:
“My friends, I welcome you to this sanctuary of those who wish to free this land from oppression and tyranny at the hands of Izrador. In this time of greatest need some of you were summoned while others have arrived by fate and good fortune. Regardless of your reasons for being present you all have arrived at a moment of greatest import. As many of you know, the fall of the free lands to Izrador did not mark the defeat of the free people. We persisted in our defense and held on to what was rightfully ours.”
One of the captains raises a hand. “Your grace, you said ‘what WAS rightfully ours’. Do you mean to say it is no longer?”
The Witch Queens eyes grow sad.
“Alas, I call you here not for glad tidings of victory, but for another reason. You here stand as the first to know of the defeat of the free lands and holds of Erenland. Less than a fortnight ago the last of the dwarven strongholds was breached by goblins that were let in by a traitor to the cause. All defenders were slain and their heads mounted upon spikes lining the roads to the holdfast. And last night a powerful legate sent directly from the citadel led a force into my own stronghold deep in the woods. They wielded corrupt devices whose very presence tainted the sanctity of the nature around them. The elves have fallen. Only myself and a handful of my kin managed to escape before all were slain. We shall remain in hiding, for we are too few to risk retaliation of any kind. This, my friends, is where it shall remain in the histories of Erenland, that the utter victory of the Dark Lord Izrador was proclaimed. We have lost.
“It must be said that while this is the end for Erenland as we know it, this also marks the beginning of a NEW war- one of survival. I established this fortress close to the sea for a reason. Those of you brave and daring enough must venture into the Storm’s Eye and find those on the other side. Izrador will surely not be content with this one land and will eventually make his way across the sea to conquer whatever is beyond. You must warn them and prepare them for the evil that must eventually come. Who among you would accept this task?”

All of the party members accepted the task, however they were the only ones of those assembled who offered. Before leaving, Cael gave the Witch Queen a note professing his undying love for her.

They sailed off with the Queen’s blessing into the Storm God’s Eye. After an unknown period of time they passed into the very eye of the massive storm where they found a strange and seemingly deserted island. They encountered aggressive monsters that seemed to be strange amalgamations of natural creatures. They are making their way to a lonely mountain at the center of the island that seems to be the source of a river with powerful healing magic. The island seems to be attempting o stop them at every turn, however, with strange phantom lights appearing in the night to lure the unsuspecting.

Previously, on Lines in the Sand...

Here’s how it is:
Void was brought to the city of Seawatch where he was enslaved in the coal mines below. He made several attempts to escape, one of which resulted in the death of Small Paul, a dwarf (?) who was hanged for his participation. Void then resorted to simply attacking the guards, resulting in a savage beating.

The bandit group made their way to Seawatch. Upon arriving they experienced the horrors of the city and the utter hopelessness of the existence most of the humans have there. Cal was also captured during an attempt to enter the mines to free Void.

Garr and his crew were being kept under “tavern arrest” after their ship was impounded. They sent a bribe with Arden Greyburn to try and speed up the inspection process. Arden suggested fleeing to a pirate holdfast that used to be one of The Sentinels once freeing Void.

The Story So Far...

The group began in the woods; a small bandit organization comprised of people who just didn’t fit anywhere else. They took it upon themselves to harass and impede the efforts of the Dark God Izrador.

Unfortunately their hideout was discovered, and before long a gang or orcs led by a Masked Legate attacked. The group was driven from their home and one of their own, Void was captured in the process while another, Erin Darkstone, was slain.

Along with the PCs there are Targus Brewer and Arden Greyburn.


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