Lines in the Sand

Previously, on Lines in the Sand...

Here’s how it is:
Void was brought to the city of Seawatch where he was enslaved in the coal mines below. He made several attempts to escape, one of which resulted in the death of Small Paul, a dwarf (?) who was hanged for his participation. Void then resorted to simply attacking the guards, resulting in a savage beating.

The bandit group made their way to Seawatch. Upon arriving they experienced the horrors of the city and the utter hopelessness of the existence most of the humans have there. Cal was also captured during an attempt to enter the mines to free Void.

Garr and his crew were being kept under “tavern arrest” after their ship was impounded. They sent a bribe with Arden Greyburn to try and speed up the inspection process. Arden suggested fleeing to a pirate holdfast that used to be one of The Sentinels once freeing Void.



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