The coastal city of Seawatch has long been under the control of the forces of Izrador. When a rich deposit of coal was discovered beneath it did not take long for a mine to be built to exploit it. Since then a refinery has also been constructed, its smokestacks belching clouds of noxious fumes into the air. On rare days when the wind is still these fumes can cause killfogs that suffocate any who are unlucky enough to be outside at the time. Plumbing the depths of the coal mine and working the furnaces of the refinery are thousands of slaves, many of them prisoners and convicts sentenced to hard labor for their crimes. In addition to the mine this city serves as an active port with goods coming in being inspected and taxed before being sent on to the markets in the nearby towns. Because of heavy tariffs a small smuggling operation has sprung up recently, with a secluded bay nearby being used for illegal rendezvous.


The city is deeply segregated with both human and orc districts. The human side is kept under martial law with strict curfews. Death or servitude in the mines is punishment for those who seek to rebel. Humans would do well to avoid the orc side, for if they decide to cross the ramshackle wall they lose what little security the other humans can provide.


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